You already know that the type of exercise should be adjusted to your level of physical fitness. But, have you ever wondered should your physical activity be adjusted to your blood type?

Imagine how the trainers and doctors have created a perfect exercise plan for you that will satisfy your personality and achieve the desired results. Let’s see how it would look.

Blood Type 0

You are strong and sports guy. You probably have strong arms and legs. Interval training with high intensity may seem perfect for you. You use the exercises as an escape from the emotions and you need more exercises to win the stress and anxiety.

Compared to the other blood types, you are the biggest fan of exercises. Hiking, biking, swimming and running will easily become your routine. People with blood type 0 frequently change moods, they’re under stress, and are more difficult to deal with challenges. If you plan to exercise in the morning, the hormones of happiness will provide you a good mood during the whole day, and the decreased levels of cortisol will help you to better deal with stress.

It is very important for you to practice regularly because the blood circulation is naturally slow. Without intense workout your body will not get the required amount of nutrients, you’ll become lazy and lethargic. The more you exercise, your body will be satisfied.

Trainings that require rapid changes of motion, such as football, basketball, tennis or hockey, are ideal for you.

When we exercise, the brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. These chemical compounds make you feel better.

Blood Type A

A person with blood type A can’t function if harmony of mind and body is not achieved, so it’s important that your exercises are soothing and relaxed.

You will probably get tired of one exercise before any other types. To avoid this, change different intensities of one type of exercise.

Regular exercise will contribute to miraculous changes in your body. Metabolism will be faster and you will be calmer. It will reduce fatigue during the day, improve the concentration and cognitive function.
Exercise will help you to sleep peacefully. Meditation, acupuncture and massage are great for people with blood type A.

Do at least 10,000 steps on daily basis. Do exercises that will activate all the muscle groups. It’s important to love your sessions of exercising and enjoy them.

Exercise more often in nature. Sun and fresh air will contribute to relaxation, increasing the energy levels and strengthen the mind and body.

High intensity exercises are not for you. Choose exercises that will help you to get rid of the stress.

Blood Type B

People with blood type can deal with stress perfectly because they can easily adjust to new situations. The best exercises for them are some combinations of strength and aerobic exercises.

However, people with blood type B may have elevated levels of cortisol in the body, and regular exercises will solve this problem effectively. Exercise will reduce the level of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol). It will also increase the level of endorphins, which naturally increases the resistance to pain and improving mood.

They function excellent in team sports. Relaxing exercises are good for you also, such as yoga, tai chi or pilates.

You should pay big attention on proper breathing during exercise to help your body get the necessary amount of oxygen and reduce the levels of stress hormones.

Your immune system is a bit weaker than the other blood types. The best choice for you is aerobic exercises with elements of strength exercises because it will strengthen the immune system and increase the resistance of the body on harmful external factors.

Blood Type AB

You often feel pain in muscles and joints, especially after an intense cardio workout. Moderate exercises suit you better, such as walking, hiking, golf or dancing.

Also, you tend to keep the negative emotions, so the yoga and tai chi will be an excellent choice for your mood, but also the muscles and joints.

You are often under stress, but thanks to the characteristics of blood type B you will easily find the way out of a stressful situation.

Exercising plays the key role in the fight against negative emotions and creating a connection between the mind and body. A combination of light aerobic exercises and relaxation exercises are perfect for you. For example, do aerobic exercises three days of the week, and the other days do yoga or tai chi.

You need a daily stretching to release of tension and anxiety, because of the tendency to keep the emotions.

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