The Best Exercises To Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain & Heal Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the most unpleasant pains you can ever experience and it is called a sciatic pain. It can appear without and particular reason and can be very exhausting. It originates in the lower back area and can radiate down the upper thigh. The pain can sometimes extend to the foot, but this is less common.

The pain is felt in fleshy parts of the body, although it stems from pinching of nerves departing from the spinal cord in the intervertebral disks. Applying pressure on the area can worsen the pain. Activities like coughing, sneezing, going to the bathroom and engaging in regular activities can flare up the pain.

Some researchers have noticed that emotional distress like job dissatisfaction is closely correlated with both the occurrence and persistence of back pain and sciatica.


In 87% of the patients, sciatica healed spontaneously within 3 months. Modern treatment for sciatica is based on pain relievers and avoidance of stress on the spinal area. Even though this method can reduce your pain, it doesn’t have many long-term effects.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, sciatic pain relates directly to kidney chi being low, which can be caused by too much wind, cold and dampness. Treatment, in this case, would be warming up the kidney with various herbs and food choices.

There are many approaches to treating the same health problem and all of them can be effective and yet be entirely different.

How To Help Sciatica At Home


Sit down on the ground in 90 degrees position.
Make sure you spine is straight and then pull your right foot towards you as explained on the picture and hold for 10 seconds.
After that switch on the left leg and hold for 10 seconds.



While positioned as it is shown on the picture, move your lower extremities in an upwards-downward motion 5 times




sciaticaWhile you are still laying on the ground, pull your right leg towards your chest and hold for 10 seconds.
After that switch on the right leg and hold for 10 seconds.


sciaticaAfter you finish with those stretches, you wanna band your upper part of the body towards your toes and hold for 10 seconds.
This exercises and stretches can help reduce your pain and speed up the healing time.

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