There are times when the mood goes down for several reasons. Like for example when we are not beautiful. When self-confidence drops due to certain factors, generally we will not like the self-reflection in the face.

If not treated immediately, these feelings can affect mood all day. So, when you feel you’re not beautiful, try to take a break first. Press the pause button, then remember and reflect on the following:

1. It Does Not Feel Feel Not Beautiful

Not to make you more sad or pessimistic. Just try to accept your feelings right now. Accept fully the condition of the heart that you feel right now. Receive the discomfort that hit. So that your heart is lighter and not to blame yourself too much.

2. You Can Still “Function” Live Your Day As Usual

When there are no clothes that make you beautiful or face makeup that “clicks” with your mood, you can still keep your day as usual. If you really don’t feel beautiful, choose or do something that can make you feel comfortable. Just because you don’t feel beautiful doesn’t mean the world will stop turning, right?

3. There is Beauty in Every Imperfection

Maybe we are too focused on physical characteristics that we think are imperfect. Skin that may not be as white as the TV commercial model we just saw. The nose isn’t as sharp as the Korean celebrity that we like. Hair is not as beautiful as a shampoo advertisement model. When talking about physical characteristics and characteristics, it seems we always find the gap “defects” of its own. Yes, it can’t be helped, we are not always perfect. However, we always have our own uniqueness that makes us able to be ourselves completely.

4. This Uncomfortable Phase Will Pass Too

There are bad days that make us always see negative things in us. However, there will also be good and pleasant days that we can enjoy. This uncomfortable phase will also pass later. If anyone makes you sad, just allow yourself to be sad. Let those uncomfortable feelings flow through you, then bring up a comfortable feeling slowly.

When we feel we’re not beautiful, it could be a sign that we really need a short break. Pause to care more about yourself and take better care of yourself.

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