Marriage is a community in which to be happy, you must adhere to some common unwritten rules. The rules are many and whether you will respect them or not, depends on you and your partner.

Yet today we will mention only five basic rules you need to follow in order to have a happy and successful marriage!

Do not criticize your partner’s parents

You are not allowed to bring yourself in situation to criticize your partner’s parents. Maybe your partner is disappointed by the actions of his/her parents, but that does not give you the right to support the negative comments. Be always there to give advice that is logical and realistic, whether your partner has a positive or negative opinion about the actions of his/her parents. Never forget that they are still parents.

Dedicate your free time to your partner

You are already married, but this does not mean that the love and the magic have become past. During the weekend do not sit in front of the TV or the computer wasting your precious free time. Instead, suggest to your partner to go out for a coffee, dinner or in the park. This is a great way to get the magic back in your marriage.

Do not make decisions alone

Marriage is a community in which important decisions should be made together. Even for the less important things you should always consult with your partner. Your partner will be positively surprised that you care about his/her opinion even for the smallest things. This mode of functioning ensures marriage without mutual secrets and that is the key to a successful marriage.

Discuss about your habits

Your habits and his/her habits will never be the same, therefore if you don’t like some of your partner’s habits talk about them openly. Maybe your partner will not be able to fully remove that bad habit, but will certainly try to change something about it.

Share your past with your partner

Your partner must know all about your past. Do not even think about hiding some crucial detail of your past. Maybe you think that it doesn’t matter, but you’re fooling yourself. Do not think that your secret will be preserved until the end of life because eventually it will be revealed and this can be very painful for both of you. Trust and honesty are essential for happy marriage.

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