Life is not always smooth. Sometimes humans experience failure repeatedly so that makes it sad and even depressed.

If you already feel depressed, it helps you go to a psychologist. Reporting from Healthline 5 symptoms of depression that you should know!

1. You really have no hope

Depression is a mood disorder that affects a person’s feelings. People who are depressed usually feel they have no life expectancy, they don’t feel worthy. Besides you feel worthless and useful, you also hate yourself. Then immediately to a psychologist to recover.

2. Tired unusually and had trouble sleeping

Depression is often accompanied by a lack of energy and extreme fatigue and can make the body weak. This can cause excessive sleep. You can even sleep until you forget all your important activities.

3. Unbelievably anxious

Although depression has not been proven to cause anxiety, these two conditions often occur simultaneously. People who have excessive anxiety will always experience anxiety, trembling or muscle twitching. In addition, feelings of danger, panic and fear of the future haunt their minds.

4. Fast-tempered

Research shows that men with depression tend to have irritability. Exploding emotions make men with severe depression easily ignited emotions. They will express anger the wrong way or risky behavior without thinking about it.

5. Loss of interest

Usually people who are depressed will withdraw from activities that were previously favored. Depression makes you lazy to socialize with people closest to your friends, family, and boyfriend. You feel unhappy and reluctant to meet them.

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