Do you have problems with digestion and after every meal you look for something that will relieve you from the anxiety you feel in your stomach. If so, then it is the right time to find out which foods can speed up the digestion. Try to include more of these foods in your diet in order to have a healthy tummy!


Yogurt is very healthy for us. Yogurt has the power to improve digestion, to restore normal bacterial flora and to reduce lactose intolerance among certain people. If you have problems with the digestive system, try to consume yogurt every day.

Pickled cabbage

Pickled cabbage is great for digestion because it is a good probiotic. However do not buy canned pickled cabbage from supermarkets because they do not contain many vitamins, instead try to make your own homemade pickled cabbage which will act as a probiotic.

Soft cheeses

Certain types of soft cheeses such as Gouda are so powerful probiotics that encourages the good bacteria to pass through the whole digestive tract. This is very important for the effectiveness of probiotics that can be found in certain foods.


Healthiest pickles for the body are those who don’t have added vinegar during the fermentation process. They are natural and good for digestion, but also rich in many vitamins and minerals.


foods that speed digestion

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