Before you start exercising, you should know a few things about the food and the amount that needs to enter the body. If you exercise on an empty stomach, the body will not have enough energy, while on the other hand it is also bad if you overeat before exercising.

Check out which foods you need to avoid before exercise!


Beans, fresh broccoli, fruit and dairy products tend to cause gas. Even though they are very healthy for eating, you would not feel comfortable when you have to deal with their reaction in your belly during exercising.

Large amount of fiber

Bowl full with cereals rich in fiber is not the best choice before exercise. It is best to take a snack that contains less than 4 grams of fiber or eat a salad or vegetable soup, but you should do it at least two hours before exercise so that you give the body time to digest the food.

Refined sugar

Huge dose of sugar can offer only a quick source of energy, but this energy will quickly burn when you get tired. If you need a quick source of energy, it’s better to choose a healthier alternative like banana, which also contains important nutrients for the body.

Salty foods

Avoid eating super salty foods before exercise, or if you already eat, combine it with large amount of water. Dehydration can cause headaches and cramps, something that is unwelcome during exercise.

High-calorie foods

You also need to avoid fried and fatty foods before exercise, because they take longer time to digest in the body, which can result with digestive distress while exercising.

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