Not a few people still believe that diligently eating boiled eggs can increase cholesterol. Is that right?

It is common knowledge that eggs have quite high cholesterol levels, compared to other foods. As an illustration, one large boiled egg contains about 185 mg of cholesterol.

Peter Schulman, MD, Cardiologist and Professor from the University of Connecticut said, cholesterol levels can increase due to saturated fat in the diet. While cholesterol from food tends to be small.

“When we consume cholesterol, the compound will be broken down in the intestine, and cannot be absorbed as a whole cholesterol molecule,” said Dr. Schulman, quoted by Food & Wine.

On the other hand, saturated fat can actually be broken down into short chains of fatty acids. These fatty acids are always linked as a trigger to increase cholesterol levels significantly in the body.

Not only that, research shows that eating foods high in cholesterol, such as boiled eggs, can increase cholesterol levels slightly. But another thing to consider is the ratio of LDL cholesterol (bad) to HDL cholesterol levels (good).

“Eggs increase HDL to a level greater than LDL which leads to a more favorable risk profile when associated with cardiovascular risk,” he explained.

Other studies say, someone who consumes eggs was no worse than those who did not consume eggs at all. Research that has been carried out in recent years has failed to identify an association between daily consumption of an egg and heart disease.

A new study published in the journal Heart also found that regular consumption of boiled eggs actually has a number of health benefits.

“People who reported consuming one egg per day had a 11% lower risk of heart disease, and had a lower risk of death of up to 18%,” wrote the journal Heart.

Research involving nearly half a million Chinese people, can only show the relationship between eggs and heart health, not a causal relationship. But remember, none of the respondents in this study consumed more than one egg per day.

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