Food Choke Can Occur While Consuming Lots Of Food During Holiday Partying

Food choke related study was published in February, researchers reported that people are 10 times as likely to get food stuck in their throats, a condition called food impaction. Chokes can occur during a holiday celebrations or while watching big games like the Super Bowl than they are at other times.

Alcohol can make you eat more food less carefully, and often cases even bigger problem. This also explains why the holidays and partying events, where food and drinks are the everywhere ,can be very dangerous.

A recent study has published the records from one hospital yearly report. Experts agree that you a more likely to choke or get food stuck in your throat during food-heavy holidays.A pediatrician at Children’s Clinic, says choking sends about 12,000 children to the emergency room each year.

Adults Are At Risk

Adults have a higher chance of food choke or getting food stuck if they have neurological problems. Some older people don’t have enough saliva to easily move food. They take all kinds of medicine that dries their mouth as side effect, and this can easily case a choke.

If a piece of food gets stuck in your throat, do not panic. Check your breathing and your ability to talk. If you can do both, it’s not an emergency. Take small sips of water or other nonalcoholic liquid also if you’re smoker, try not to smoke right away. Often, that’s all that’s needed to move the food along.

If you can not breath and some food has remained stuck, then a trip to the ER is a emergency. A doctor can often treat the problem with a shot of glucagon. You will get a shot of a hormone that relaxes the lower esophagus. This will allow the sticked food to go into the stomach. You can also vomit, which may dislodge the food.

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