COVID-19 may be the disease most feared by people throughout the world today. Not a few people who went to the hospital to find out whether he was free from COVID-19.

Actually there are several ways to do the COVID-19 test. Expert Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19, Prof. drh. Wiku Adisasmito, MSc. Ph.D. said testing could begin with laboratory tests and blood or X-rays in hospitals.

However there are other alternatives that are faster and most often used today. One of them is screening using Rapid Test (RT). The RT examination for COVID-19 is divided into two types.

“For COVID-19 there are two types of RT. One to measure antibodies and another to measure the antigen. But almost all RTs used to measure antibodies, “explained drh. Wiku in a live broadcast COVID-19 at Graha BNPB office.

Doctor Wiku explained the function of RT antibodies is very effective to use if there are already antibodies in the body. If there are antibodies, there are symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s reaction against the virus. The antibodies to be measured by RT.

“Antibodies appear for seven days. This means that if you measure at the wrong time, the results will not come out. This Rapid Test must also be used at the right time, “he continued.

Furthermore, this examination must be carried out by health workers. Because RT examination risks transmitting the virus when taking blood. Doctor Wiku also said that the accuracy of the RT was determined by the quality of the device itself.

“If the test equipment used is of high quality, the examination results can be accurate. But if the tool is ugly, the results could be negative, “he concluded.

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