VITAMIN D is said to be one of the sources of immunity booster, which is very suitable to deal with the corona virus pandemic COVID-19. In addition to increasing immunity, vitamin D is also often associated with bone health.

Indeed, vitamin D is claimed to have an important role to regulate levels of phosphorus and calcium in the millionth blood. Two very important factors for absorbing calcium to the fullest in the intestine.

But, a new study conducted by CNN, reported data from 81 trials involving more than 53,000 people. It was noted that consumption of vitamin D did not have a direct impact on bone health.

“Our meta-analysis found that vitamin D does not prevent fractures or increase bone mineral density, whether at high or low doses,” said lead author Mark J. Bolland of the University of Auckland, as reported by Newser.

He added, clinical guidelines must be changed to reflect these findings. Because, vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, most of which is derived from sun exposure.

At present, some health services have long recommended people to take vitamin D supplements for various reasons. Such as increasing bone density in the elderly, as well as ensuring adequate vitamin D intake.

Even so, this study found that vitamin D supplements can help in some rare cases. Such as rickets and osteomalacia, which is a case of severe vitamin D deficiency, triggers bone softening.

Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced by the findings that vitamin D supplementation does not have a positive impact. Some have shown that only 6% of the analyzed trials noted vitamin D deficiency as a problem.

“The health benefits of vitamin D supplementation tend to only affect people who are initially low-level,” said a medical professor.

While other researchers say, some of the trials analyzed had too few participants too low a dose of vitamin D, also a short treatment period.

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