Corona’s free letters were once talked about on Twitter. This letter was obtained after a person had carried out a series of Corona tests, which included blood tests, body temperature, to lung X-rays, and were declared negative from COVID-19.

Responding to the busy Corona free letter, internal medicine specialist and vaccinologist at Omni Hospitals Pulomas, Jakarta, Dirga Sakti Rambe, said there was actually no Corona free test.

“So actually, until last week, there was no Corona free test. If the virus is actually a general examination test,” Dirga said when contacted by Health on Monday, March 16, 2020.

Thus, the letter that came out was not Corona’s free statement, but a healthy statement in general.

According to Dr Dirga, a person may be said to be negative or Corona free test if that person has ever done a throat swab test.

“The swab was rubbed on his throat. If it is negative, then we can say that it is free of Corona,” he said.

“If only x-rays, blood tests, physical examinations, we can only say healthy in general,” Dirga stressed.

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