Do You Know What Your Hamburger Contains? Study Finds Feces, Horse and Beaver In Over 20% Of Ground Meat

Be careful next time when you grab a bite of your favorite hamburger. According to several recent studies, 20% of ground meat products contain some small amount of beaver or horse meat.

One of those recent studies by Consumer Reports revealed a shocking discovery that nearly all ground beef products were contaminated with feces. Soon after that, a new study at Chapman University revealed that a large number of ‘specialty meat’ products were contaminated with horse and/or beaver meat.meat-beef-hamburger

The study focused on commercial ground meat and came out with some shocking results. Results stated that 20% of ground meat products contained some amount of beaver or horse meat.

Some of the companies tried to cover this up by mislabeling, but the products contained horse meat which is illegal in the commercial market in the United States.

What makes things worse is that horse meat is not USDA regulated and the fact that a mixture of various meats can be sold packaged. This indicates the likelihood of unmonitored processing and increases the risk of cross contamination.

One of those focused on higher-priced meat and included 54 samples. Similar to the other studies, 10 of the 54 samples were mislabeled. Some of these types of meat like yak, bison, pheasant and bear contained pieces of cattle, guinea pig and beaver.

These studies are raising concerns about the safety of the food we consume, as well as the integrity of the meat industry. Transparency must be respected and practiced because we all have the right to know what we are purchasing.

So next time you get an urge for a hamburger or a specialty meat, think twice, maybe a salad is a better option. And when choosing meat choose a piece of meat that is less processed as steak where you get what you see.

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