Hand Exercises To Boost Your Energy And Balance Emotions

Hand exercises to boost your energy and balance emotions, and prevent Arthritis which can cause a huge pain at the cartilage of a joint, which is the connecting material between bones. However, this can cause irritation of the synovial lining, which produces the synovial fluid. This fluid helps with protection and lubrication the joint. However, if arthritis affects the joints of the hands, it can be badly painful and you will feel stiffness in your fingers.

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The pain can get worse, if you work for huge corporations where you are not payed what you deserve for using your hands to complete such a repetitive tasks all day long. However, if you have a boring job where you have to type the keyboard in a repetitive loop, then you should start doing this hand exercises until you don’t find a better job.

You could also have a job where gripping utensils in the kitchen or in loading a truck in the warehouse, can cause lots of discomfort. You could possibly lose all the strength in your hands. If your hands get weak enough, even the simplest everyday tasks, such as opening jars could become such a challenge.

Jin Shin is an ancient form of Japanese touch therapy that is easy to perform on yourself or others. It helps balance energy and emotions by stimulating the meridians of our hands.

Notes and instructions: Each finger is connected to specific organs and with their corresponding conditions. Guide yourself by following the chart on how to do it.

Hand Exercises To Boost Energy

a) Each finger is connected to specific organs and with their corresponding conditions. Guide yourself by following the chart on how to do it.

b) Furthermore, hold the finger correlating to the organ you’d like to heal or emotion you want to calm. Then hold the finger for 5 minutes while deep breathing.

c) However, you can do a total body harmonization by going through all of your fingers.


Organs: Spleen and stomach
Associated Conditions: Depression, worry and anxiety
Associated Symptoms: Stomach aches, nervousness, headaches and skin problems


Organs: Bladder and kidney
Associated Conditions: Frustration, mental confusion and fear
Associated Symptoms: wrist, elbow and back muscle aches, toothache, gum issues, upper arm discomfort, addictions of any kind and digestive problems


Organs: Gallbladder and liver
Associated Conditions: Indecisiveness, irritability and anger, Irritability
Associated Symptoms: Circulation problems, menstrual problems, vision problems, fatigue, migraine, frontal headaches


Organs: Large Intestine and lungs
Associated Conditions: Negativity, sadness, grief
Associated Symptoms: Digestive problem, ringing in the ears, respiratory issues, deep skin conditions


Organs: Heart and small intestine
Associated Conditions: Insecurity, judgemental attitude, low self- esteem
Associated Symptoms: Blood pressure, heart conditions, bone and nerve problems, bloating and sore throat

This touch therapy technique should improve Your overall health in an easy, relaxing and fun way.

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