Hand Reflexology is perhaps, not so well known as Foot Reflexology in the UK, yet it is equally effective in relieving stress and tension, balancing the body and improving nerve and blood supply. It is depicted alongside foot reflexology in these ancient wallpaintings found in the Egyptian pyramids dating back thousands of years.

There are reflex points on the hand, which relate to all organs, glands and parts of the body. By stimulating these reflexes, using special thumb and finger techniques, a Reflexologist aims to bring about deep relaxation, and a sense of wellbeing – both bringing positive benefits to the client.

Everyone knows you do reflexology on the feet, but hand reflexology is just as good and effective too for children who can’t sit still! It can be done at almost any time and any place and it can be used to help relieve specific health complaints, as well as bring the body’s energy flow back into balance, which is the ultimate aim of any holistic treatment.

The feet are rich in nerve endings, which is why they are traditionally used by reflexologists to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body – but whether they work on your hands or your feet, the therapy helps to clear out energy blockages to prevent or help treat illness. (energy is “the life force, also known as “chi” to the Chinese, “ki” to the Japanese)

Reflexologists perceive the internal organs of the body to be mapped out on both the hands as well as on the feet.

The right hand, for instance, mirrors the right side of the body with its organs, including the liver. So this is a good place to start with anyone who has low energy and digestive problems such as constipation.

The left hand is home to the heart reflex point, and another reflex point that stimulates the spleen. This organ not only makes and stores red blood cells, it produces the infection-fighting parts of the immune system.

No good reflexologist will make any medical claims, but this treatment can help alleviate an enormous number of conditions, ranging from skin problems to diarrhoea. It is a wonderful introduction to the powers of natural healing and preventative medicine and is a fantastic tool for helping children to learn to relax, for relieving anxiety and for helping anyone to cope better with the stresses of everyday life in the 21st century.

Hand Reflexology can be carried out virtually anywhere – on a bus, a plane and even in the street in the event of an emergency! It is excellent as a First Aid tool. Your Reflexologist can also show you how to do hand reflexology on yourself in between treatments.

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