Healthy Habits: 18 Habits Which Create Incredibly Happy People

Healthy habits are very important factor that leads to happy and happy living.

  1. Make your bed every day.

This is among the first steps to feeling in control or organized. You can do it every day and it will bring you back that lost sensation of having things organized.

  1. Picking a hobby that its sole purpose is to make you feel good.

Hobby in its true form or definition is taking part in activity that you will enjoy and not just do it because it will look good in your resume or because others are doing it. Try several activities like hiking, canoeing, climbing, taking part in some sporting events or simply collecting or creating items. Whatever fulfills you or you find enjoyable, do it again and again.

  1. Budget for personal pleasures and little indulgences that make you feel better every month.

We all should have a side budget or better said budget that you will spend on things that make you feel better. These can’t be everyday items or necessary items. Whether it is spa treatment, new music, vacation, tea, candles, games or music; it only matters if it makes you feel good. There are even studies that are pointing to the fact that spending money on things we enjoy can greatly influence our well-being. Bottom line, start taking care of yourself and start spending money on things you enjoy or make you feel better.

  1. Less complaining.

We all live in a stressful environment and have stressful jobs, but complaining all day and every day is the perfect way of ruining your mental health. First of all you will become isolated by others because of that. Second and more important, it leads to bigger health and mental issues. It will cause anxiety and depression which in the long run can provoke worse issues. The point is not keeping stuff in. It is perfectly understandable that we all need to vent at some point. But it is better to talk with someone and calm yourself or do it once and forget about it.

  1. Share what you’re going through with friends and family.

It takes a lot of courage to open up and be vulnerable. If you keep your struggles to yourself because you don’t want to be a burden or think you should be able to handle your problems on your own; you are wrong. Create the support system you and other around you need. Be there for someone who needs you and make sure you have someone to be there for you.  You don’t need an army, 1 person is more than enough.

  1. Check your people-pleasing tendencies at the door.

Being a good, caring and concerned person is a great thing. But worrying about what others think and worrying to please them is not a great thing. There are many people with many different characters and you simply can’t please everyone and that is perfectly reasonable. Try understanding that you do not have to do it.

  1. Spend time with people who energize and motivate you.

We all deserve to be in a relationship with people who energizes, motivates and inspire us. Being in a relationship that is suffocating you is not good for you.

  1. Treat yourself like your best friend.

Do not under any circumstances insult or punish yourself. It is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend. Think it over and even put yourself in your best friend shoes. Would you do that to someone you care for? Of course not, and you shouldn’t do it to yourself. Treat yourself with more respect.

  1. Find a therapist you really, really like.

Finding the real therapist can be tricky. This is the person you are going to tell all your feelings, moods, actions, opinions and life events. Nowadays with all the stress in our environment, anyone can benefit from therapy. The first and most important step is choosing the right therapist. You can start with the most obvious like checking their credentials and how they work, what methods they use, where they are located and so on. In the end, most important thing is how you feel about the therapist.

  1. Say “NO” more often and cut out SHOULD from your vocabulary.

Being gracious and polite is all good, but over the time many people start doing a lot of things unwillingly. Start saying “NO” more often. Start doing things you like and want, and not because others ask you to or want you to. And stop using should in your sentences. Using “should” can be both depressing and obligational. By using should we unintentionally obligate ourselves to do things unwillingly. Instead of that, start replacing “should” with “I would like to”. It will both cheer you up and serve as a motivation.

  1. Get enough sleep.

We have covered a lot in previous posts about getting and not getting enough sleep and what are the benefits and consequences. It is extremely important to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation doesn’t only mess you attitude and mood it is also associated with many health issues.

  1. Take up journaling or learning a new language.

Many doctors, even psychologists are recommending taking on journaling or learning a new language. There are numerous studies linking these activities with improvement of our mental wellbeing. It is proven that with time we stop learning things and our brain slows in working process. Learning new languages, writing with your non-dominant hand and journaling can stimulate our brain.

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  1. Stop comparing yourself with others.

Comparing yourself with others is not a good thing. It has different effects on people. You should be yourself at all times. Learn to love yourself and love your body and character. If you don’t, who will? Next time you do it, start a challenge by either reminding yourself of 3 good things about you or putting 5 bucks in jar. This is an efficient way to stop doing it.

  1. Spend more alone time with yourself.

Carve out time once a week or month to date yourself. Take yourself out to dinner and a movie or go exploring around your city. Learn to be comfortable spending time alone. Learn to love your own company.

  1. Cut back on social media.

People nowadays are starting to act obsessive with social media. Hurrying to brag about work, posting photos from events, relationship statuses and rarely spend some quality time in real life. Cutting back on social media can be beneficial to our mental well-being. Concentrating more on real life and self-improvement can go a long way.

  1. Challenge yourself more.

For most of the people it is hard to participate in challenging activities and it is frightening but it is also a good thing to push our limits a little bit at a time. By not doing new things, we restrain ourselves to our current possibilities. It is proven that avoiding things and not doing new ones can cause anxiety. Get out more often and start challenging yourself.

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  1. Start every day by reminding yourself of positive things, inspiring things.

People tend to hold on to bad thoughts rather than good thoughts. It is a good thing to start the day in an inspiring surrounding and reminding yourself of positive things and holding on to happy thoughts. Feng shui is a great way of bringing harmony to your home and a step towards more happiness.

  1. Celebrate little victories more often.

Setting big goals for yourself is a great thing. It will motivate you to move forward and when achieved it will serve as a great pleasure or achievement. When you achieve them, make sure you celebrate them.

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