This green plant looks like it comes from the cactus family, but it really belongs to the lily family. The leaves are the greatest benefit of aloe vera, as a source of gel that it’s used for cosmetic purposes for a long time. Aloe vera benefits have been used for medicinal purposes for a very long time. Easy to grow, resistant and not demanding plant, so there’s no reason to not grow one in your garden.

There are records about the use of aloe vera since 2000 BC. The old Romans used the benefits of aloe vera to relieve skin irritation, faster healing of wounds and easing indigestion.

Important health benefits of aloe vera


Studies have shown that aloe vera juice or supplements in capsule form can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.


Consuming aloe vera can help people who suffer from asthma, and some studies have shown that aloe vera can reduce the need of taking drugs against asthma.

Digestive system

Enhances the appetite, stimulates digestive system, prevents constipation, relieves nausea, bloating and heartburn.

Skin care

Aloe vera is a plant that deserves a spot in your home. It’s excellent for relieving burns, cuts and scrapes. It proved to be good in the post-anesthesia care of patients, as one study showed that it accelerates the healing of cuts, reduces the visibility of scars and helps the wounds to conceive faster. Aloe vera is effective in mitigating the symptoms of psoriasis. In one study it was shown that applying aloe vera gel on the sensitive points on the skin can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis for 80%.

Nutritional value

Aloe vera is the only known plant that contains vitamin B12. as well as number of minerals that are essential for proper functioning of the body. Studies have shown that aloe vera strengthens the immune system and helps him fight off infections. Some studies have shown that it can successfully fight even against cancer cells.


Before taking any supplements, so and aloe vera supplements, you should get an advice from physician, especially if you:

  • are pregnant or trying to conceive;
  • breastfeeding;
  • suffer from pain in the stomach, and the cause is now known;
  • suffer from hemorrhoids;
  • suffer from kidney disease.

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