It’s very irresponsible to even think of posing the question as to why should the furniture in your entire house always be clean and properly taken care of. Especially your beds, sofas and seating elements. Just to name a few reasons: first, you touch those surfaces with your bare skin, and you don’t even touch your face with your fingers before washing them first; second, you go out with those jeans and sit in places where thousands of people sat before you, and then you go home and sit on your sofa, on which you’ll take a nap later. And all of a sudden, your skin is itchy, and your breathing is heavy. Sounds familiar? These are common health problems that most people experience as a result of all the bacteria that furniture collects. So, when you think thoroughly about the issue, cleaning your furniture is not just for good looks and fresh smell; it’s about protecting your health from bacteria and the harm they cause.

So, can dirty furniture harm your health? Easier than you think:

1. Allergies

You know you’re not allergic to anything in particular from food, drinks, flowers or pills, but you still seem to start coughing, sneezing and your nose starts to flow like the Niagara falls when you take a nap for more than 30 minutes on the living room sofa. Mold spores and dust mites are the reason for your pain. These tiny microorganisms settle in the upholstery fibers of your furniture and grow there causing trouble to anyone with sensitive health. And by anyone with sensitive health, I mean children, since their immune system is still very fragile. These microorganisms are resistant to OTC furniture cleaners, so you should definitely look for another solution.

2. Suffocating in your own living room?

Every time you enter the living room you feel like there’s something in the air causing you heavy breathing. And you dusted everything; from your new furniture to the vintage tables and chairs and even the decorations! And you refreshed the air in the room. So, why aren’t you feeling the fresh air? What you need to know is that furniture (especially vintage chairs, sofas and other elements) holds tons of invisible lurkers in its upholstery fibers, so when you think you cleaned them all, think again. These things are hard to be completely eliminated.

3. Do you own pets you keep in the house?

I understand you love your dog and you want it to be around you all the time, so you give it the luxury of sleeping and moving around your house. And of course, you keep it clean and sparkling, and you think all you need to take care of are the eventual hair that fall off of it, which you’ll vacuum. Sure you’ll vacuum the hair, but bacteria and smell that comes with it is really hard to get rid of. Pet stains are a story of their own, and believe me, you can’t get rid of those that easily.

What should you do?

As small and harmless as they may seem, furniture bacteria, spores and similar microorganisms, cause health problems that can be quite annoying. If you implement proper protective measures, you’ll be able to keep them on minimum. At least once a week, hire professional cleaning help. Your carpets and furniture need to be cleaned thoroughly by a professional, since OTC cleaning products aren’t exactly a treat to this type of microorganisms. Plus, you don’t want to make the mistake and use something poisonous on your furniture and make an even bigger damage. You should still vacuum regularly, more often if you have pets, but most importantly, leave the heavy cleaning to professionals.


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