Pear is a fruit of size similar to apples. But unlike apples, pears have a crust that is more difficult to clean. Bark can be yellow, green, brown, red, or a combination of all colors.

Pears are generally sweet, juicy and mild taste, and the texture of meat is creamy. The most known is the Chinese pear that has the best curative properties. Pears are present throughout the year, and they are the best from late July to early February. In addition we bring you pear health benefits.

Amazing health benefits of pears

Nutritional value of Pears

Pears are an excellent source of soluble fiber. They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, folic acid and niacin. They are also a rich source of copper, phosphorus and potassium, and contain small amounts of calcium, iron, chlorine, magnesium, sodium and sulfur.

Health benefits of Pears

Pears are hypoallergenic fruit that is full of fiber, and rarely causes allergic reactions. Pear juice is great for newborns because it’s a mild taste, and healthy.

Pears can prevent Blood Pressure

Pears contain antioxidant and anti-cancer compounds that prevent the emergence of high blood pressure and heart attack.

Pears can prevent Cancer

High levels of vitamin C and copper will reduce the level of free radicals in the body and on this way will prevent cell damage.

Pears can prevent Cholesterol

Pears are rich in pectin, which effectively reduces the level of bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Digestive tract

Soluble fibers are excellent for the health of the digestive tract and can prevent occurrence of colorectal cancer.


Pectin is a diuretic and has a mild laxative effect, which will encourage the work of intestines and allow a proper digestion of food.

Pears can raise Energy

Pear is a rich source of glucose and fructose that pretty quickly raise the energy levels.

Pears can reduce Temperature

The best way to reduce the temperature is to drink a big glass of fresh pear juice.

Pears can boost Immunity

The antioxidant activity of pears will strengthen your immune system. Eat pear or drink pear juice, especially in the season of flu and colds.


Pear has anti-inflammatory effect and helps in relieving pain caused by inflammation.

Pears can prevent Osteoporosis

Pears contain high levels of boron, which helps the body to absorb calcium and thus prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

Health benefit of Pears for Pregnancy

All pregnant women during pregnancy should increase the intake of folic acid to prevent congenital disorders in their children. Pear is rich in folic acid, so experts recommend it during pregnancy.

Advice for consumption

Choose firm pears with darker colors. Let it sit for a few days until it get softened slightly. Once you peel the pear it can last for several days. Keep the pears away from strong smelling foods (onion, garlic, sauerkraut), because they can very easily take the smell from it.

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