If the only time when you’re checking up thoroughly your body is when you’re polishing your nails, maybe you are missing some important information about your health. One of the best things about our body is that it has embedded sensors for different types of diseases and experts say that you can see the earliest symptoms only if you pay a little more attention to yourself while you are looking in the mirror in each morning.

Did you knew that there are some health checks that could save your life?

So what are you waiting for, take a better look at your body! These simple health check ups can tell you a lot about your health!
Health tests that can save your life

Do you see dark lines on your nails?

Large moles are not the only signs that indicate skin cancer. This disease can also develop under your nails. Yellow, brown or black lines are a sign that you have damaged cells, possibly from melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer, according to Dr. Ariel Ostad, a dermatologist in New York. But if the disease is spotted at an early stage, then in 95% of cases can be cured. If you suspect you have these symptoms immediately visit a dermatologist.

Do you have bright white lines on your nails?

We all have had white spots on our nails from time to time, but if you notice long horizontal lines or discoloration on the surface of your nails and if you feel inexplicably tired lately, it might be bad news for your kidneys. These symptoms can be sign that your kidneys can not filter protein out of your urine. This means that your body quickly loses protein – which can lead to kidney failure.

Did you noticed a rough or dark skin under your armpits?

If you overdo it with tanning creams, it is possible to have diabetes. Excessive amount of insulin in your bloodstream can cause abnormal multiplication of skin cells, which leads to accumulation of tissue and melanin. This causes your skin to look darker, rougher. Most often appears under the armpit, neck or groin. A simple blood test can confirm whether you really have the disease.

Do you have a small soft growths on your eyelids, knees and elbows that look white or pale?

The good news is that they are not pimples. The bad news is that they are small deposits of cholesterol. Do a health check up next morning, and if you notice these symptoms – unfortunately, they show the level of your cholesterol is already too high, and this is a serious risk of heart disease. Visit a doctor to check your cholesterol and ask what changes in your lifestyle can help so that they do not occur again.

Is your hair falling out?

Health tests that can save your life

Have you ever noticed during bathing oodles hair in the bathtub? Sudden hair loss is a common indicator that you have thyroid problems. When thyroid is not working properly, it can disrupt the balance of male and female hormones. If you have this symptom, do a hormone test.

Do you have too much dandruff?

If suddenly the skin of your head starts to peel, then you may need to look at your lifestyle more detailed. Large quantities of stress causes your body to produce large amounts of the hormone cortisol. Besides it can affect the drying of the scalp, this may reduce the immune system and disrupt metabolism. Simple dandruff shampoo can help with this problem, but if you don’t want dandruff to bother you again, try to sleep more, to breathe deeply and slacken your work schedule.

Do you have thick and dark hair on your stomach?

If pubic hair is moving up on your stomach, then it may be a sign of polycystic ovaries. Because creating an excessive amount of androgen hormones can occur irregular and heavy menstrual periods, weight gain, acne and thick dark hair on the abdomen, face, chest and bacK. If you notice some of these symptoms immediately see your doctor, because this problem can cause infertility and heart disease in the future.

Do you have white, yellow or orange deposits on your tongue?

These symptoms suggest problems with your stomach. In normal situations, the “valve” located in the lower part of the esophagus does not allow what you eat to rebound back. During problems with your stomach, the valve does not work properly and sometimes spontaneously opens. Thus, some of the food slowly back toward your throat, making deposits on your tongue and seriously bad breath. If you suspect that you have these problems, see your doctor who will prescribe you a medication to reduce stomach acid.

Do you have dark circles under the eyes that did not want to leave?

Despite the fact that you sleep enough and you rest during the day, these dark circles never disappear and therefore you are constantly hiding them under several layers of powder… The sudden appearance of dark circles can be sign that you suffer from allergies. When some allergy will attack your body, your body starts to secrete histamine. This chemical cause swelling of your blood cells and other fluids and therefore dark circles appear where the skin is thinnest. A simple skin test can determine whether it is allergies.

Do you see a yellowish lump on your eye?

If you notice a yellowish lump on your eye, this is a symptom of a completely harmless disease called “pinguecula”. It is nothing more than excessive secretion of collagen, which is caused by damage from the sun, wind or dust. Keep your eyes moist with lubricating drops and protect them more when you’re outdoors and soon you will feel better.

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