There are many myths and hoaxes about how an object can kill the corona virus that causes COVID-19. One that has recently been circulating is a matter of cigarette smoke.

Health recently discovered an upload on Facebook that claims that cigarette smoke can kill the corona virus.

“Corona virus does not attack people who smoke because the composition of tobacco and cloves can resist the attack. Cigarette smoke is effective to kill it,” wrote a Facebook account user in the upload.

Such claims were denied by lung specialist Feni Fitriani, Chairperson of the Indonesian Working Group on Cigarette Problems.

“There is a twist, ‘it’s OK to smoke, the virus can die because the virus can’t stand the heat,'” Feni said during a media meeting at the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) office, Jakarta on Friday (3/13/2020).

“It’s not true to say that smoking actually protects,” Feni added. In fact, being a smoker actually makes it easier for someone to become sick. Not only corona virus but also other diseases such as lung cancer.

So It’s the Right Time to Stop Smoking

Feni said, without COVID-19 alone, a smoker actually has damage to his airways.

“But because of its long-term smoking effect after 20 years, 30 years, it is not as fast as COVID-19, so it is negligent,” Feni said.

Prof. Dr. Amin Soebandrio, Head of the Eijkman Institute for Biology and Higher Education at the Ministry of Research and Technology said that smoking increases ACE 2 receptors, which by researchers, were found to be receptors for the corona virus that causes COVID-19.

He likens, the receptor is like a port that if there are more berths, the more ships will come.

“Because ACE 2 has increased expression, automatic data indicate that smokers’ lung cells become more susceptible to respiratory infections. Thus facilitating the entry of the virus,” Amin said on the same occasion.

Therefore, with the discovery of COVID-19, Feni hopes that this will make a smoker stop doing the habit.

“We hope that with this phenomenon, people who still dare to smoke will be more vigilant. So they have motivation from the fear of getting COVID-19, to stop. Because from the health side, prevention is better than cure,” said Feni.


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