Healthy Probiotics And Prebiotics: What Is The Difference?

by Dave Stivensen | March 5, 2018 3:35 pm

Scientist still don’t know how our gut bacteria affect our health, healthy probiotics, however they are definitely sure they play crucial role in our health. Other than improving digestion, variety of gut bacteria have impact on bowel inflammation, blood-sugar levels, cholesterol levels, scientist are sure they even affect our mood.

Healthy Probiotics

This is why the sale of these trendy capsules have gone up last few years and even probiotic-fortified foods have filled up the shelves of supermarkets.

But people you can meet tho terms on the bottles Prebiotics and Probiotics. To get all the benefits from probiotics you need to take in prebiotics too, in order to feed the probiotics. So if you wish to know the difference and the benefit from both of them, read the following text.

What is what?

Probiotics[1] are gut bacteria that can promote health. They are usually found in fermented food products like yogurt, also kombucha or sauerkraut. Taking in probiotics you can balance your gut bacteria toward the “good” ones. Growing the number of the “good” ones, you prevent harmful bacteria to overgrow your system and create states like infection, diarrhea, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Healthy Probiotics

Prebiotics[2], are totally different thing. They are actually not living organisms. They are fermentable fibers that we are unable to digest in the stomach. So, they go into our intestines, where healthy probiotics take them over and ferment them into short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids provide all the benefits to keep us healthy for a while after we’ve eaten of Greek yogurt.
Feeding our gut bacteria is really vital: Without proper food, the good gut bacteria can die. Or even the worse, they can turn on us. The bacteria will try to find food elsewhere like the mucus lining of the intestine. And that is the part of our intestine that protects us from the “bad bugs”. Having less from the mucus lining makes us prone to infection.

How to add probiotics and prebiotics to your diet?

Yes, adding prebiotics and healthy probiotics to your diet are both essential for your health. And how to do that? 

Well, healthy Probiotics naturally occur in kefir[3], yogurt or kimchi and they live in those products by feeding form carbohydrates that surraund them. This means they are alive when you eat them. Probiotics in the capsules have nothing to “eat”, and it’s very probable they will die even before they get inside the intestine.

The natural sources have a greater variety of bacteria than supplements and scientist say there is strength in diversity of the microbes. There is also an opinion that in conditions like diabetes and inflamatory bowel syndrom there is low level of microbal diversity.

Food is also great source of prebiotics. To add fuel to your gut bacteria eat onion, garlic, all kinds of beans and chicory root. This food contains starch that we cannot digest in stomach so it goes undigested in the gut and feeds our gut bacteria. This kind of starch is present in oats, unripe bananas, potatoes and rice. Some of these food are already part of your diet so its pretty easy to feed your gut bacteria.

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