Wormwood Chinese Herb Paired With Iron Kills Cancer Cells In 16 Hours

Wormwood can kill the breast cancer cells. One hundred and fifty years ago, cancer and other diseases that exist today were never considered a threat. They were almost non-existent. But with increased consumption of processed foods, refined sugar, low-quality meat and dairy we have exposed ourselves to these diseases.  Mainstream medicine has recently started to point fingers to bad diets and lifestyle choices. As they are precipitating factor that could potentially lead to cancer.


Part of the people who have cancer, have chosen conventional treatment. But even 88% of all cancer patients, find totally normal to seek out alternative therapies.

Some herbal remedies have shown great prospect in helping with cancer. Even taxol, the potent anticancer drug comes from the bark of the yew tree. FDA does not have regulation on herbs, and that is why many people hesitate to use them. In case you decide to use herbs, seek out the care of a specialist who can help guide you, help you with dosage and assure that the herbs you are taking will not have any negative side effects when combined with your medications.


Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso found their inspiration in absinthe. Very popular alcoholic beverage, with specific taste.

Wormwood (Arthemisia absinthium) is very often used for eliminating intestinal worms and parasites.

The plant originally grows in temperate regions of Eurasia and North Africa and has also been planted in Canada and the northern United States.

As per ongoing examinations, artemisinin can execute breast cancer cells like the way it murders intestinal sickness causing parasites, making it a potential normal tumor treatment choice for ladies with bosom growth. Tumor cells can likewise be wealthy in press since they generally splash it up to encourage cell division. Specialists in a recent report tried examples of breast cancer cells and ordinary breats cells, but first enriched them with iron. Then they treated the cells with a water-solvent type of artemisinin, a concentrate of wormwood.

Results were very noteworthy. The typical cells indicated little change, yet inside 16 hours, the greater part of the tumor cells died and just a couple of ordinary cells were killed. Bioengineer Henry Lai trusts that on the grounds that a breast tumor cell contains five to 15 a larger number of receptors than typical, it assimilates press all the more promptly and henceforth is more vulnerable to artemisinin’s assault.

A study on wormwood showed that on its own, this herb can reduce breast cancer cells by 28%. But when partnered with iron it nearly eliminates cancer without impacting any healthy cells.

Iron intake with wormwood

Iron is very important in the herb effectiveness. Cancerous cells have transferrin receptors, that help them in cell division. So, iron accumulates in these cells, due to these receptors. By adding iron alongside wormwood, it assures that the herb substances are absorbed by the cancerous cells.

In regular cancer treatment, the drug attacks the healthy cells alongside the cancer cells. That causes the body to have to work harder in order to regenerate the healthy cells.  If you want to prevent appearance of cancerous cells, remember that an body environment that is acidic, which results from poor diet and lifestyle choices, is the best environment for cancer cells to grow.  Consuming a plant-based diet, having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding process food will help you alkalize your body. This way you will provide the nutrients that it needs to heal.

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