Have you noticed that the beginning of the day determines the continuation of the day? When things start to take place according to the plan early in the morning, you are more relaxed during the whole day.

What if just waking up means a bad start to the day for you? For some people, the worst part of the day is the morning and they would give all if they could just easily sleep it over. To be more satisfied and happier, it is time to wake up happy and become a morning person.

How to be a morning person and wake up earlier

Have a healthy breakfast

For a best start of the day you should have a breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates and protein to keep you satiated until lunch. Eat your favorite flakes of whole grains with yogurt, make a toast with peanut butter, and don’t forget the smoothie that can also be a great morning meal. Also enjoy a cup of coffee because it has been proven to increase the level of concentration.

Go out for fresh air

Exercising in the morning is the best thing you can do for your body as well as for you mind. Even if you just walk a few minutes to the store, it would be quite enough. Studies have shown that physical activities in water have even a better effect. Therefore, if you live near a lake, sea or stream, that’s even better than a walk.

Listen to the sounds of nature

If you are unable to get out or you just don’t want to go, listen to recordings of sounds of nature. A recent research has shown that the sounds of nature have beneficial effects on the mind, especially in the morning. Open the windows while you prepare yourself for work or set up sounds of nature (waves or chirping birds) to wake you.

Have a hot chocolate

A recent research has shown that the flavonoids from hot chocolate encourage good mood, increases concentration and helps in decision making. Enjoy your hot chocolate without remorse, but only if it’s of at least 70% cocoa. Proteins and carbon hydrates from milk will keep you full until lunch, and sugar levels in the body will remain stable.

Take your time

Unless you are asleep, and you have some responsibilities, you don’t need to jump out of the bed immediately. Give yourself a few minutes of your time. Stretch yourself, breathe deeply and let the mind and body start working as one.

Smell mint

Scientists have proven that the smell of mint improves mood and increases the level of concentration, but also reduces fatigue. Keep a bag with candy mint close to your bed and smell them as soon as you wake up.


Laughing, even on force, is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood. If you start the day with a smile, you increase the likelihood that you will laugh whole day.

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