Poor diet, lack of exercise, traveling and change of the destination, stress… All these is detrimental to our digestive system and can be an unpleasant surprise during your holiday, where instead of relief, you will suffer from unpleasant heaviness in the stomach.

Dealing with constipation can be a tough task, but like they say, there is natural cure for constipation as well as for everything. What kind of food and products should we consume to avoid this problem – constipation? You’re on the right way to find out, just continue reading:

How to cure constipation fast

Foods rich in fiber

Rule number one to prevent stomach tightening is to consume foods rich in fiber. They tend to take water, which makes the feaces softer and slidably received in the contractions of the intestine. Scabs are rich in fiber, stems and leaves of plants, so avoid consuming white apples an eat only the crowns of broccoli. Foods rich in fiber are very quick cure for constipation.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach are recommended not only for dietart fiber, but also because of the presence of magnesium, which is involved in regulating the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. In order to obtain the necessary amount of it, the vegetables should be eaten raw. In this repsect, particularly suitable option of consuming is the salad. Its effect against constipation might be enhanced by assuming it at the end of the feed, rather than the beginning.


Another way to secure fiber to drag the contents into the intestine is to consume medium fruit an hour before or after the meal.Prunes are long known for their laxative effect. However, it’s not simply due to the fiber, and of sorbitol in them. Sorbitol is a type of high-valentine alcohol which acts as a laxative. It takes only 5 prunes to overcome a problem of tight stomach. With them should not be overdone because you can get a serious irritation of the lining of the intestines.

Strawberries, apricots, citrus and melon are also good in helping against constipation.

Hot beverages

In general, if you want to avoid constipation it’s necessary to take sufficient amount of water and other liquids. At low intake of liquids the body outputs the water contents of the intestine, which makes the feces dry and the defecation difficult and painful. Otherwise, hot beverages act stimulating peristalsis. Even a hot cup of coffee might be beneficial, although it’s a diuretic and in the long run have the opposite effect in the short-stimulating bowel. It helps if you aim to provoke incontinence.

In case the balanced diet doesn’t help against tight stomach, try the following measure: before you go in bed drink a glass of warm milk with 1 teaspoon flax seed, and in the morning, add two tablespoons of seeds to the breakfast, especially suitable for muesli.


Against constipation there are some herbs that might help. There are people who aren’t diuretic, but they are cleaning the bowel on another way. For example, the seeds of Indian plantain are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. This ensures the formation of mucus, which irritate the intestinal wall and stimulates peristalsis on its own way.

Indian seeds

The plantain Indian seeds have another valuable benefit, because of the high content of fiber, they are slowing down the release of glucose from ingested carbohydrates and reduce the absorption of cholesterol from food.

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