For peace in your home and a better sleep for the other members of your family, read these couple of tips that can help you to get rid of snoring.

Raise your head of the bed with a couple of extra pillows, instead of lying flat on your back, because on this way you won’t get elevated tissue from the throat to enter the air passages.

Try sleeping on side, because sleeping on the back your tongue and palate closes the air passage, which causes snoring. There is a big possibility of turning in the sleep, so to keep yourself on side, when you try to go to sleep embrace a pillow with your hands, which will possibly maintain you in this position longer.

People who snore because of congested nose should before bedtime put nose drops or rinse the nose with funds that are available in all pharmacies, and are based on seawater. In case when the problem with clogged nose last longer, you should immediately call your doctor to determine why is this happening.

Buy strips for nose in any pharmacy, which will keep your nose open and on this way the air flow will increase, which reduces the snoring.

If you have an allergy to dust, mites or mold, it is necessary to keep your bedroom very clean and if possible without carpets and curtains, because they can collect a lot of dust and mites in theirselves, and the bedding should be washed as often as possible and at high temperatures.

Allergic to pollen probably have only seasonal problems with snoring, so it is necessary to alleviate the inflammation caused by the allergy to pollen, and the nettle tea can help very much.

A few hours before bedtime, avoid some heavy meals and don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Stop smoking, because smoking causes irritation of the mucous membranes and swelling of the throat, leading to closure of the airway and snoring.

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