People who are overweight have at least 1 thing in common, desire to lose excess weight. It makes you self-conscious and can interfere with your life in a great way. Most people want to see quick results without big changes in diets and any workout. However, losing weight is not easy an easy task. It requires lifestyle changes, motivation and dedication. But don’t be afraid, here come the guidelines that can help you lose weight permanently.

You’ll need a pedometer.

8 Steps To Lose Weight

Step 1 to Lose Weight:

Start off by setting a goal of losing the 40 pounds in 8 weeks. Anybody who tried to lose weight will think this is incredibly hard or even impossible. But implementing few rules and following them will help you lose the 40 pounds. After all, it requires a strict diet and more activities.

Step 2 to Lose Weight:

Start documenting everything you eat and do for exercise over the eight weeks. Keep track of the time you had your meal or you exercised. The goal should be to consume 1,500 calories and spend at least 600 of them.

Step 3 to Lose Weight:

Having a healthy breakfast is one of the most important steps. Make sure that you don’t consume more than 400 calories. However, you can indulge in one serving of meat (bacon, sausage), one serving of cereal, toast, oatmeal or eggs. It is extremely important to implement fruits and fruit juices. Limit yourself to one of the servings mentioned and watch how many calories you consume and spend. After all, breakfast is the most important meal and should never be skipped.

Step 4 to Lose Weight:

Exercise.You need to start exercising more. You can start with fast walking or jogging. Next step would be to join a gym since they tend to motivate people. The optimal goal is to increase your heart rate for at least half an hour. After you start off easy, go on to a harder exercise that will help you tone your muscles and help you burn more calories. Gym instructors can help you to get information on what exercises to do and how to do them.

Step 5 to Lose Weight:

Your lunch should be a healthy one, mainly consisting of tuna, turkey or ham sandwich with an apple or a salad with low-fat dressing. Lunch should consist of 2 servings of bread, one serving of meat, one fruit and 8oz of water. Lunch should contain no more than 500 calories.

Step 6 to Lose Weight:

Snacks. Of course, you will be craving for food when you are on a strict diet and yes, you can have snacks in between the meals. However, the snacks must be healthy and consumed with approximately 8oz of water. For example, you can consume yogurt, nuts or low-fat cookies or crackers.

Note. Make sure to watch the serving size and calories in the snacks you eat.

Step 7 to Lose Weight:

Dinner shouldn’t be later than 6pm. Your dinner should consist of one serving of meat, one serving of bread, one starch and one serving of vegetables. The meat can be pork chops, baked chicken, ground meat or fish. The vegetables should be cabbage, broccoli, green beans, corn or mixed vegetables. Your starch can be mashed potatoes, rice or brown rice. You should drink 8oz. of water with dinner. Drinking tea or a small amount of juice is all right, but limit yourself to one serving. Dinner shouldn’t contain more than 600 calories.

Step 8 to Lose Weight:

Avoid eating after seven o’clock. Try drinking water instead. If you absolutely must have a snack, eat a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or a small amount of yogurt.


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