The favorite summer meal of many hides a few secrets for a much better taste than usual. Don’t despair if you can’t get a perfectly cooked pasta. Just follow these few and simple rules that will turn you into a master chief in your kitchen.

How to prepare delicious pasta?

  • Use large pots when boiling the pasta. It is much easier and you have greater visibility.
  • Don’t add oil to the water. Put salt in the water since you boil the pasta, because that’s the way you can get the most delicious pasta. Keep in mind that a pound of pasta needs about 2 teaspoons of salt.
  • Stir the pasta as soon as you put in the water and several times while boiling, if you want the pasta to not get stick to the bottom.
  • If the packing of pasta says that you need to boil for 10 minutes, try it a minute before. Fresh pasta comes up to the surface once it’s done.

What should you never do?

  • Never crush pasta before boiling.
  • Cooking oil is never a good idea. It’s enough to stir to not stick on the bottom. If you add oil when boiling, no sauce will hold onto the pasta.
  • Add a cup of water of the water in which you boil the pasta into the sauce you prepare.
  • Never wash boiled pasta with water, it will lose half of the flavor you need.

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