Yoga is known for its ability to reduce stress levels, but also for its numerous benefits for physical health. The Eastern practice of yoga has become a symbol of peace, serenity and well-being in the West.

Keep reading to find out which are the healthy benefits of yoga.

Immediately after exercise

Improves brain function

After only 20 minutes practicing yoga, there is an improvement in cognitive function, improved concentration and better memory.

Reduces stress levels

Yoga reduces the activity of proteins that play an important role in inflammatory processes and thereby reduces stress levels.
Increases flexibility

A recent study showed that Bikram yoga, a discipline that involves practicing asanas in a heated room, improves the flexibility of the lower back, shoulders and tendons.
After several months

Low blood pressure

Researchers at the University of Colorado, found that people with mild hypertension have long-term benefits of practicing yoga.

Increased lung capacity

In a small study conducted at Ball State University, researchers found that practicing yoga more than 15 weeks, can increase lung capacity.

Improves sexual function

Practicing yoga stimulates sexual desire and sexual satisfaction in women. Yoga also helps women to learn and experience their bodies.

Relieves neck pain

A German study found that Iyengar yoga effectively reduces the intensity of pain in the neck.

Acts against anxiety

Practicing yoga over a year, fights anxiety and increases the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which fights depression and anxiety.

Helps with chronic back pain

Researchers at the University of West Virginia found that Iyengar yoga is more effective in reducing pain and improving mood than standard medical treatments for pain in the lower back.

Stabilizes blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

Yoga in combination with standard therapy for diabetes can lead to stabilization of the level of sugar in the blood. Three months of practicing yoga may lead to a reduction in body mass index.

Better sense of balance

Practicing Iyengar yoga improves balance in elderly and prevents falls in women older than 65 years.

After several years

Stronger bones

A pilot study conducted in 2009, showed that yoga exercise in elderly individuals improves bone density.

Healthy body mass

Researchers at the Research Center for the Study of Cancer Fred Hutchinson in Seattle, found that there is a connection between regular yoga exercising and reduced body mass.

Lower risk of heart disease

Yoga reduces risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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