Prices and demand continue to increase due to the corona virus, making the stock of hand sanitizers thinner, even rarer. With the help of information on the internet, people can learn many things, including making their own hand sanitizers.

H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide is one of the materials used as material for making hand sanitizer itself. These chemicals are also sold freely in shanties online and the prices are soaring up.

“There are standards in making hand sanitizers. There are compositions, there are calculations, it will even be risky,” explained the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI), Prof. Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, during an online press conference FKUI Caring Covid-19 on Friday 2020.

Prof. Ari also said, the manufacture of hand sanitizers that use chemicals such as glycerol and H2O2, can trigger irritation. That is why it is not recommended to make it yourself.

“Please, the people do not make their own hand sanitizers. We also made them here from the chemical department and the pharmaceutical department. So, please the public must be careful,” he continued.

Compared to using a hand sanitizer, actually washing hands with soap and running water for 20-30 seconds is recommended. The corona virus envelope is made of fat which will be destroyed by detergents in soap.

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