Lately, many people and even celebrities in the country began to like sunbathing. Not without reason, the article exposure to sunlight contains vitamin D needed to fight the COVID-19 corona virus.

What is the reason? Apparently, with vitamin D we can strengthen our body’s immunity. Indeed, until now there has been no cure for the corona COVID-19 virus, therefore by increasing immunity, we can increase the chance of recovery from the corona COVID-19.

Now, in addition to fighting the COVID-19 corona virus, a study published in Menopause, The Journal of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), which involved more than 600 Brazilian women and advised them that vitamin D can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

ScienceDaily said that postmenopausal women were at risk of experiencing vitamin D deficiency when they were diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women in the same age group without cancer, reported PopSugar.

“Although the published literature is inconsistent about the benefits of vitamin D levels and breast cancer,” said NAMS Executive Director, JoAnn Pinkerton, MD, NCMP.

“But this and other research shows that higher levels of vitamin D in the body are associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer,” he added.

Pinkerton said, Vitamin D can play a role in controlling breast cancer cells and stopping its growth. Vitamin D comes from direct sunlight, vitamin D2 supplements, and foods that are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin D intake is 600 IU per day. Nevertheless, still consult with your doctor to find out if you need intake of vitamin D supplements in greater amounts.

Well, it doesn’t hurt you to bask in the sun. But do not sun too long, because the sun can also damage your skin.

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