Emotional intelligence mostly refers to the ability to perceive, evaluate and control your own emotions, but also to understand, interpret and respond to the emotions of others. Can you imagine what would be like if you couldn’t understand your co-worker when he is angry?!

But many researchers suggest that the emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened with proper instructions. We bring you some advices how to increase your emotional intelligence.

Ways to quickly improve your emotional intelligence

Reduce the stress levels

When we are under stress, the ability of objective thinking decreases significantly. We become pessimistic, think subjectively and focus only on ourselves.

By reducing the stress levels you allow yourself to objectively review the situation. There are various relaxation techniques, and some of the most effective are physical exercises, meditation and yoga.

Practice nonverbal communication

If you don’t have the habit of practicing non-verbal communication, it’s the right time to start. The ambient tracks your body language, in most cases more than you really talk.

This will help you to become aware of your facial expressions and your tone of voice. You will also better understand the speech of body of other people and reduce the likelihood your environment to understand you in wrong way.

Connect with your feelings

We tend to let the emotions envelope us. We often focus on the emotions rather than on actions, and in most cases the emotions determine our response at some situation.

Make sure that your feelings you experience are less intense. You might be sad in some situations, too critical or proud, but it is important to try to redirect the negative emotions into positive.

See the things from another’s point of view

It’s easy to be focused on your thinking and see the things only from one point of view. But the next time the opinion of your environment is different with yours, give yourself a bit time to analyze the situation from their point of view.

On this way you will better understand the way your environment is thinking. You do not have to change your opinion, but you certainly need to respect and appreciate the opinions of the others.

Practice use of emotional language

If you’re a type of person who is shy about expressing feelings, it is time to stop with that. It’s not easy, but start expressing your feelings to your close ones, and later with others.

After some time you will be more comfortable to express yourself how you feel in certain situations. You’ll notice that your environment will begin to do the same thing in your company.

Start an emotional diary

An emotional diary can help you to see how certain situations affect your emotions. After some time you read your notes and you’ll see that in certain situations you felt somehow without a reason.

Keeping a diary is an excellent way to take control of your feelings. After some time you will understand the feelings of your environment much better.

Learn to understand the body language

We can assess the people with just following their body language. For example, if someone holds his arms tightly crossed during talk, you will immediately recognize that this person has a defensive attitude.

To understand the body language of the environment, you first need to learn to control your body language.

In the everyday communication sometimes we don’t notice when we have gone too far, when we are too reluctant or too much open. To pull out as much as possible of every communication, start following the body language of the environment.

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