In the midst of a Corona virus pandemic like this, people who are active outside of the home are required to wear masks, including sports. This was also applied by a man in China named Zhang Ping. Nahas, his lungs reportedly collapsed after running as far as 4 kilometers using a mask.

This man was rushed to Wuhan Central Hospital because of chest pain and shortness of breath. After being examined, he is said to have a collapsed lung or pneumothorax, which occurs when air leaks out of the lungs. Doctors call this situation caused by high pressure on the organs.

But is it true that happened because of exercising using a mask?

According to Dr. Adria Rusli, SpP (K), a pulmonary specialist from the Infection Disease Hospital (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso, pneumothorax conditions experienced by the man were less likely to occur due to exercise while wearing a mask. That happens more likely because the person already has the disease.

“Actually it is not from a mask, he already has his talent. Then because he has great movements or because he has too strong breathing pressure it can be like that. So it’s not because of the mask,” said Dr. Adria when contacted by AFP on Monday (5/20) / 2020).

Dr. Adria explained, pneumothorax as experienced by men in China is the presence of air in the pleural cavity, which is a thin cavity bounded by two pleural membranes between the lungs and the chest wall. This condition is divided into two forms, namely spontaneous or primary and secondary.

Primary or spontaneous usually occurs without abnormalities in the lungs, can be due to smokers, genetic, or in thin men. While the secondary, usually caused by abnormalities in a person’s lungs. For example, have a history or have tuberculosis (TB) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This condition is the most dangerous if it occurs.

However, Dr. Adria said that spontaneous or primary conditions are very rare, compared to those that already have previous causes.

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