If you, like many other people around you are facing baldness and it starts to affect the way you see yourself and the way the world perceives you, it’s the right time for action. You might have already tried several (or tons) of different methods and products and simply don’t want to be tricked any more. It is completely understandable. However, the method of scalp micropigmentation is a whole different story. It’s a completely safe and precise method of scalp tattooing with ink that imitates the growth of natural hair. It will make you look younger and no one will be able to notice, unless you tell, of course. Instead of feeling annoyed whenever you look in the mirror, this method will make it seem like that’s how you wanted your hair to look, simple and short.

Now, let’s look at the key benefits of scalp micropigmentation.

Safer than most other hair products

No doubt about it. This treatment is safer than putting tons of chemicals on your head as a daily routine and expect results. It is also a lot safer than hair transplantation. There will be no deep penetration in the skin/scalp and no scaring. Infection are also ruled out, so all you have left are the benefits.

Money well spent

Scalp micropigmentation is an affordable and long-lasting solution, especially when compared to all other rather futile yet expensive products and methods. You won’t have to pay any additional costs or purchase any additional products for the maintenance of the effect.


You needn’t worry about looking unnatural, the method features color matching of the pigments to your natural hair and skin. The direction of your hair will also be followed and all of this will result in the perfect illusion of having natural hair, cut short.


With no more than 3 sessions of 4 hours, the procedure will be completed and it will take up to two days in order for your skin to heal and then you’ll be good to go and show off with your newly attained confidence.

Long Lasting

The effect of scalp micropigmentation will last you for many years before you’ll need to update the look, or maybe even change the color if you want.

Camouflages other imperfections

Apart from offering you the illusion of real hair, scalp micropigmentation offers great concealment if you struggle with certain scars on you scalp that you might have gotten from an injury or another hair treatment.

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