Basking in the sun is one fun way to increase body immunity. When sunbathing, don’t just sit back, but stretch!

Talking about sunbathing to increase body immunity, the recommended time is morning at 8:00 to 11:00. Whereas in the afternoon approximately 16:00 to 17:00.

When sunbathing, there are additional movements that can be done to maximize its benefits. Yes, as practiced by netizens with the TikTok account @ novemberdad below.

In the video title ‘Acupressure Improving Immune Tutorial’, while wearing a doctor’s coat in front of the Panjatan II Health Center, Yogyakarta, this netizen tried to give his movements. The following additional movements you can do while sunbathing to increase body immunity.

The first is to stimulate the thymus point which is four fingers above the nipples to the left and right of the sternum. So, do a little pounding in the area.

Then, apply pressure between the thumb bone and the index bone. He suggested doing this point for five minutes alternately.

After that, press with four fingers below the outside of the knee. This emphasis is also recommended five minutes per point, yes.

Do not forget, when sunbathing it is also a good idea to stretch or stretch the body. The movements are free, depending on the ability of your body.

At the end of the video, this netizen gives a statement; ‘Healthy starts with yourself’. So, it’s not easy enough to do it?

This video has been watched by more than 203 thousand netizens on Twitter. There hasn’t been 24 hours shared, this video has already been liked by 11.2 thousands of netizens and reshared nearly four thousand times. It never hurts to implement this movement, you know!

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