If You Are A Man You Might Get A Penis Cancer

Do you know someone who might have penis cancer? You can consider the curvature of the male sex organ as one of the many manifestations of wonderful bio-diversity (“let it flow a thousand pounds”), but a mass study of 1.5 million men showed that carriers of such an organ are at seriously increased risk of getting cancer.

Depending on the symptoms,  you may opt for observation, medical or surgical treatments.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease and is this Penis Cancer?

Doctors don’t know exactly why Peyronie’s disease happens. Many researchers believe the fibrous plaque can start after trauma (hitting or bending) that causes bleeding inside the penis. You might not notice the injury or trauma. In some men, injury and genes could both be involved and this situation can lead to penis cancer.

Men who accommodate this pain, sometimes can have painful erections and their sex could be  difficult to practice. In other words or in dramatic circumstances, the sex life of this person is disabled.

In the United Kingdom, only 150,000 men suffer from penile fibrosis. Never the less, this figure is probably under real because not all curved go to a doctor for this reason.

A study based on a study of 1.5 million medical cases found that people with Peyronie’s disease at the same time had a 40% chance of getting testicular cancer, a 29% higher risk of melanoma, and 40% more chances of developing stomach cancer. For example, a father and son who have penile fibrosis share the same genes that suspect the occurrence of urological cancers.

n most men who have penile pain due to Peyronie’s disease, the discomfort usually will fade on its own as the penile inflammation subsides. This process may take as long as 6 to 18 months.

Testicular Cancer

Team of doctors recommends to the people, frequently to visit clinics for testicular cancer detection in the early stages.

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