Maternity Reflexology

I have been fortunate enough to treat many expectant mothers during their pregnancy, some of whom came to me with conception problems and wanted to continue with treatments throughout and after their pregnancy!

Much of the advice that follows came from a seminar I attended held by Susanne Ezner, a midwife and reflexologist of many years standing who is also an author of “Reflexology – A Tool for Midwives” and “Maternity Reflexology – A Guide Book for Reflexologists”.

Her book, Maternity Reflexology – A Guide Book for Reflexologists, has been my bible on this topic ever since!

One interesting point about pregnancy is how little say the mother has in the proceedings. In fact, the first three months are dominated by a hormone, Human Chronic Gonadotrophin (HCG), which is produced by the foetus and which can sometimes make the expectant mother feel lousy!

The mother’s body responds to the growing baby by producing ‘relaxin’, an ovarian hormone, that works to soften the pelvic ligaments to prepare for birth. The baby’s head must be able to emerge, but poor mum often suffers considerable aches and pains as her body adjusts to accommodate her baby’s entry into the world.

This is where Reflexology can be of enormous support in making her adjustment to hormonal output less uncomfortable.Reflexology has achieved a good name in gynaecology and obstetrics and is useful in helping couples to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth (it is ideal if both partners are prepared to receive treatment)

  • It may also help in cases where some couples have problems conceiving (preferably by treating both partner
  • It gives support to the mother through the enormous physical, mental and emotional changes that occur in pregnancy
  • It may help the mother in labour and delivery and afterwards in recovery from the birth
  • Reflexology may be helpful to a mother adjusting to cope with a new baby
  • Reflexology may also support the mother as her menstrual cycle returns to normal

Much of the above information has been given at a seminar held by Susanne Ezner, a midwife and reflexologist of many years standing who is also an author of “Reflexology – A Tool for Midwives” and “Maternity Reflexology”

Maternity Reflexology – Client Comments

“Val creates the perfect environment – it’s clean, pysically comfortable and I don’t feel under pressure to stay awake and talk! I can just relax and enjoy the whole experience From a pre-natal perspective, not only did reflexology relax me, but the baby seemed quite contented too. So beneficial to both mother and child”

Sarah Trigg (Kent)

“Maternity Reflexology was hugely beneficial to me. Not only was it relaxing but it was also safe.

Very quickly after my last Reflexology session I went into labour naturally.

I recommended it to a friend and she also went into labour at the right time at the end of her pregnancy.”

Leona (Kent)

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