Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto told the public that so far his party had used Tamiflu type antivirus for COVID-19 treatment. This is done because until now there has been no specific drug for this infectious disease.

The statement was issued by Minister of Health Terawan during a virtual meeting with the House of Representatives Commission IX, yesterday (2/4/2020). He also said the government had distributed 450,000 antiviral drugs to COVID-19 referral hospitals throughout Indonesia.

Belief of Minister of Health Terawan uses Tamiflu because he has received a recommendation from the Indonesian lung doctor association. So, is this Tamiflu antivirus? Is it really suitable for COVID-19 sufferers?

Broadly speaking, Tamiflu is an antiviral drug, which is a neuraminidase inhibitor, used in the treatment of influenza A and B. This drug is widely recommended for people with bird flu.

Tamiflu itself is a trademark that is sold by Roche pharmaceutical brand whose main content is Oseltamivir. This drug was developed by Gilead Sciences in the United States.

Furthermore, according to the MD Web report, Tamiflu is believed to help improve conditions such as nasal congestion, coughing, sore throat, fever to chills, body aches, and fatigue. This drug is believed to shorten recovery time by 1-2 days.

Tamiflu is also recommended for patients who have contracted a flu outbreak in the community. Perhaps, this is also the reason Menawan Terawan used Tamiflu as a COVID-19 treatment drug in Indonesia. Note that this drug works to stop the growth of flu, not a substitute for flu vaccine.

Meanwhile, what is the recommended dosage?

It was explained that the dosage of Tamiflu use must be in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. This medicine cannot be used carelessly.

The dosage itself is based on medical conditions, kidney function, and the body’s response to treatment. For pediatric patients, the dose is based on body weight.

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