Some local governments have closed schools to protect children from contracting and transmitting COVID-19 to others. This situation does not mean that parents may invite them to go on vacation to places of entertainment.

“We have closed schools, offices, government also do not need to enter, also closed. But this opportunity is not interpreted (because) not going to school, not going to the office, but traveling,” said pediatrician Hartono Gunardi in Jakarta, written Tuesday (3/17/2020).

Therefore, Hartono asked people to stay indoors for two weeks and not have to go out without a clear reason or emergency.

Hartono said, one of the reasons why someone to maintain physical distance from others is because not all people affected by COVID-19 do not give symptoms.

“So it must be conveyed, these two weeks, do not use it for traveling. Moreover, taking children to visit families outside the city, outside Jakarta. Later we can spread the virus everywhere,” Hartono added.

School Holiday Doesn’t Mean Going to Warnet

On Monday, in his press conference, President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo also said that learning from home does not mean students can travel to crowded places.

“Do not let us hope that students will be dismissed but instead will instead play at the internet cafe. Playing to places where there is a lot of people. I think this kind of explanation should continue,” Jokowi said at the Presidential Palace, Bogor, West Java.

So, Jokowi invites teachers for the next two weeks to be able to effectively carry out teaching and learning activities from home using the services available.

“If this can be effective, I am sure it will greatly reduce the mobility of students, and reduce the spread of COVID-19,” concluded the former Mayor of Solo.

According to Hartono, limiting social distance if done properly can reduce the spread of the corona virus. “So this social distancing or in the Indonesian language this social restriction works well, then its effectiveness can be similar to lockdown,” he said.

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