The application of physical distancing due to the COVID-19 corona virus has an impact on the closure of fitness centers. But don’t make this an excuse for not doing sports. Even at home, you can still do it to maintain health.

On social media, many artists and fitness influencers share sports tutorials at home during the pandemic. One of them is Jennifer Bachdim, who doesn’t miss giving challenges to her followers with the hashtag #plankchallenge via Instagram.

Jennifer also did not exercise alone at home, she was also accompanied by her husband Irfan Bachdim.

Jennifer gave a message to the community to continue to keep their distance. Staying at home is the safest and healthiest way to stop the spread of the corona virus.

“The corona virus is very strong, spreads very quickly and as we can see it from other countries. Keeping your distance, staying at home and being healthy and safe are the most important things we must do to stop COVID-19 from spreading,” said Jennifer, when contacted by AFP on Saturday (4/4/2020).

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