Along with the growth in the number of motor vehicles and green areas which are reduced because of many standing buildings causing dirty air quality or pollution is increasing. As a result of this evil pollution, making the spread of disease more easily, especially infections.

In contrast to adults, children are more vulnerable to pollution because of maturation and organ function that is not perfect, especially in the first 2-3 years. Quoted from WHO data, every day 93 percent of children in the world (<15 years), where 630 million of them aged <5 years inhaling polluted air.

Do not consider trivial

Protection of children against evil air pollution should not be considered trivial Mother. Because, in line with its growth, children tend to breathe more air or breathe faster, consume more food and drink more water than adults, in proportion to their body weight. Not to mention, children’s play and learning environments are also close to the possibility of pollution exposure.

Evil pollution received by children, will also have a negative impact. In the short term it can cause infections and allergies. While in the long run can cause degenerative or chronic diseases.

The threat of respiratory tract infections

Infections that are most closely related to pollution include respiratory infections and gastrointestinal infections. Still from WHO data, children who are exposed to pollution have a level of risk up to 2x higher exposure to upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) or commonly known as “common cold” generally caused by viruses (90%).

Although it is not as severe as lower respiratory tract infection, URTI can affect quality of life and requires no small cost considering the frequency of occurrence even more often. 70% of children who are absent from day-care due to illness are generally caused by respiratory infections.

1. Keep the room clean

Children usually spend more time at home. For this reason, Mother needs to maintain the cleanliness of the room so that the air is cleaner and safer for children. Also clean the items so that the dust is not thick.

To keep the polluted air from entering the house easily, use a thick curtain and ensure good air circulation, not too open. In addition to the cleanliness of the room, Mother also needs to regularly clean the car if everyday, she often walks with children by car.

2. Use a mask

Air masks can greatly help protect yourself from evil pollution. Choose one that is made from comfortable fabrics such as cotton and something that fits the face. If the fabric is cloth, Mother must be washing regularly, while other materials are disposable, do not move her hands.

3. Sports

To strengthen the immune system, Mother can routinely invite children to exercise. Take a walk in the morning, in the park or in the mall. Make sure the place is smoke free of vehicle air pollution.

4. Complete the child’s nutrition

Most important and should not be missed Mother is providing the nutrients needed for children’s growth and development and strengthen the immune system. For example Omega 3, DHA, Omega 6, Iron and others. Besides being able to get from four healthy five perfect foods, you also supplement the needs of children by providing the right milk.

That was the first step Mother could take to protect the baby from the threat of evil pollution and dangerous viruses. Of course there are many other ways and steps.

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