Have you ever meet a person that grabbed your attention with its beautiful smile only? There are such people and there is, at least, one thing they are doing right. They do care about the health condition of their teeth, they take regular dental visits and undertake all required treatments. Health and beautiful smile can say a lot about an overall health condition and hygiene habits of one person. A beautiful smile maybe has the power to draw people around you, but yellow and rotten teeth will surely refuse your interlocutors.

Thanks to the improvements in technology and dental medicine, there is a solution for just about any teeth problem you may have. This means having a ‘Hollywood smile’ after a single dental visit is not a dream, but a reality that many people today have experienced. Porcelain dental veneers are ultra-thin shells that can make you a person with a ‘million dollar smile’. Attached to the front surface of your teeth they will transform your smile immediately. The dentist will craft them according to your personal needs so they can fit your teeth perfectly without any issue.

Veneers today

Because of the development of dental technology, porcelain dental veneers today are more convenient and lifelike than ever before. They are much stronger and reflect light very similar to the enamel of your natural teeth. Some other dental treatments like dental crowns and teeth whitening can also be combined with veneers to provide more comprehensive results and beautiful smile.

Are you a candidate for porcelain veneers?

Depending on the health condition of your teeth you may be or not a candidate for dental veneers. Patients who are considering this treatment usually suffer from cracks, chips, gaps between teeth, discoloration and minor misalignment. Also, you need to have healthy gums and teeth to qualify for dental veneers. If you have tooth decay, root canal infection or gum disease, you can not be a candidate for such treatment.

Recovery time

After receiving veneers, you do not need time for recovery. You can drive yourself home without and issue, unless you have opted for dental sedation. Porcelain veneers will fit into your daily routine immediately which means you do not need to change any of your activity. Some people may feel discomfort for about few days. They may avoid very cold or hot foods, but when this sensitivity wears off, they can return to their normal dietary regime. However, this is an individual thing, so it does not mean you will experience too.


With quality porcelain veneers you will receive 10 years of a perfect smile and that is for sure. Because of the dental medicine improvements, it will not be surprising if porcelain veneers become even more durable and stronger with increased lifespan in the next few years. Since porcelain veneers are just like your natural teeth, they can be damaged as well. In case you veneers breaks or comes off, make sure you store each piece carefully and visit you dentist for repair or reattachment as soon as possible.


Taking care of your porcelain veneers does not require anything specifically. Just make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle, keep a good oral hygiene and make regular dental visits. This will improve the lifespan of your veneers and will keep your oral health in great condition.


When it comes to the cost it depends on a lot of factors. This means the price varies from one patient to another. The number of required veneers, the type of veneers, the geographic location, the experience of the dentist, all these factors will have a huge impact on the price you will need to pay at the end of the procedure. Although porcelain dental veneers are costly than other treatments, many people consider them as a worthwhile investment because their benefits. By choosing this treatment you can enjoy orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening and dental crowns, all at once.

To enjoy the stunningly natural smile, you should relay the treatment on the experienced and qualified dentist. Yes, there are a lot of them that have this treatment in their service offer, but not all of them will provide you with quality. Make sure the dentist you choose to have an extensive background in dentistry in general and veneers in particular.

Reference: www.dentalonflinders.com.au

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