Jerry Austin Williamson (72) was declared dead due to COVID-19 while holding the hands of his wife, Frances Jewel Bond Williamson. Six minutes later, the wife breathed her last with the same cause.

According to the Long North Coast Baptist Church Pastor, United States, Rick Clark, this elderly couple contracted corona on a cruise ship. The couple, who have been married for more than 50 years, routinely sail.

“Sometimes up to 20 trips per year. They often return home with several types of diseases, “Clark said as quoted by the New York Post.

Knowing they were sick after sailing was normal for relatives. However, their illness this time made both of them have to wear a ventilator and eventually die.

Places Visited Unknown

Until now Clark and relatives did not know where they were traveling from and what path they were taking.

According to news of their deaths, Jerry Williamson is a US Navy veteran. He worked as a supervisor of public works at the US Naval Home in Gulfport before retiring.

Meanwhile, Frances Williamson spent his career working as a phlebotomist technician. The couple left two children, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. They are buried in the Biloxi National Cemetery, USA.

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