Pregnant MOM is very susceptible to viral infections and diseases. Especially when the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic is endemic in Indonesia.

Concern certainly exists in the minds of pregnant women. Until maybe you think you want to do a rapid test, as prepared by the government.

But should a rapid test be done on pregnant women? Reported by HelathAdore from the WHO official website, the protocol and eligibility of the examination can be different. Depending on the area where someone lives.

Well, if pregnant women with symptoms of corona COVID-19, WHO recommends that priority should be examined. This action is very important to do. Because of this, pregnant women who are infected with COVID-19, may need special care.

So far, it is unknown whether a pregnant woman infected with COVID-19 can transmit the virus to the fetus or baby during pregnancy or childbirth. The corona virus COVID-19 has not been found in amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid or breast milk.

Every pregnant woman who is tested positive for COVID-19 has the right to receive high-quality care. The care is given before, during and after the birth process.

Some medical measures that must be taken include antenatal health care, childbirth, postpartum, and also mental health.

Meanwhile, pregnant women are declared or infected with corona COVID-19, so health workers must take appropriate precautions. The trick is to use appropriate protective clothing (PPE) to reduce the risk of infection, including wearing hazmat clothing, headgear, gloves, and masks.

In addition, maintain personal hygiene such as washing hands with soap. In addition, do not touch the face, nose, mouth or other body parts that can deliver the virus.

Meanwhile, here are some things that need to be prepared during labor, so that they can run safely and smoothly.

  1. Be treated with respect and dignity.

  2. Still have a companion during labor.

  3. Clear communication by midwifery staff.

  4. Given the right medicines, such as pain relievers.

  5. Mobility in labor if possible, and birth position.

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