COVID-19 corona virus pandemic that hit Indonesia, made many people afraid, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women are considered as a group that is susceptible to COVID-19 besides the elderly and people with a history of congenital disease (Comoros).

However, are pregnant women who have been infected with COVID-19 must give birth by cesarean section? Summarizing from the WHO official website pregnant women who have contracted COVID-19 are not required to perform a cesarean.

WHO recommends that pregnant women only perform a caesarean section when medically justified. The way of delivery should be done individually and in accordance with the wishes of pregnant women. In addition, obstetric indications are also a factor in consideration.

If pregnant women who have contracted COVID-19 have given birth, they are also allowed to give breast milk to their babies. However there are some breastfeeding procedures that must be performed by the pregnant woman.

1. Apply respiratory hygiene during breastfeeding, wear a mask if present.

2. Washing hands before and after touching the baby.

3. Routinely wash and clean the surfaces touched.

In addition to breastfeeding, mothers who are infected with COVID-19 can also touch and hold their babies. The reason is close contact with parents and exclusive breastfeeding early on, can help the baby to develop.

Touching a baby also cannot be done haphazardly. There are at least three ways to keep the baby safe from COVID-19 infection.

1. Breastfeed safely, by applying respiratory hygiene.

2. Holding a newborn baby in skin contact (skin to skin).

3. Being in a room with the baby. You should wash your hands before and after touching the baby, besides making sure all surfaces are clean.

If the mother has a severe condition due to COVID-19, or other complications. So breastfeeding is not required to be given directly. Breastfeeding can be done in three alternative ways, namely: milking, relactation (breastfeeding again), and donor breastfeeding.

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