One way to prevent exposure to Corona Virus (COVID-19) is to wash your hands properly. Health and personal hygiene are things that people should pay attention to.

Chairman of the Center for the Indonesian Emergency Doctors Association (PDEI), Adib Khumaidi said, at any time we need to wash hands.

Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand washing should be done at the following times:

  • – Before, during and after cooking or preparing food
  • – before eating
  • – Before and after treating a sick person
  • – Before and after treating open sores or blisters
  • – After using the bathroom or toilet
  • – After changing diapers or cleaning small children after the toilet room
  • – After handling animals, feed animals or clean animal waste
  • – After handling animal food
  • – After touching the trash or taking out the trash

“In addition, wash your hands before removing or using contact lenses; after cleaning, coughing or wiping a runny nose; and / or after shaking hands with others,” Adib said.

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