Who would have thought Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy, shared their experiments to prevent the spread of the corona pandemic. Beyonce’s eldest daughter informs the public about proper hand washing.

The 8-year-old boy delivered a message of public service with an adorable and informative style. The video was immediately shared on her grandmother’s Instagram @mstinalawson.

“Blue in a community service message,” Tina Knowles-Lawson marked her granddaughter’s 1-minute video clip.

“My intelligent granddaughter, Blue, is doing this to show how to wash your hands in order to fight the virus,” he added.

In the Public Service Announcement (PSA) video, this little girl shows how useful soap protects our hands from germs. In his DIY experiment, he used a little pepper to show what happened when washed with soap and water.

“Hey all of you, who for the time being are only at home, I have a little experiment that you can do at home too,” Blue said, at the beginning of the video.

“This is why washing hands is important,” he continued.

The video shows, Blue mixes pepper with water in a bowl. After that, he put his finger in the soap, then touched the middle of the bowl that had been given pepper. This causes the pepper to separate and move to the edge of the bowl.

“This is why it is very important to wash hands. Because if you wash your hands, it will still be clean, but if you leave your hands dirty, you might get sick, “he explained.

He also added one final message, which is to invite everyone to stay at home so that they do not share the risk of transmitting the corona virus COVID-10.

“I hope you stay safe, wash your hands more often, and please stay at home. I love you, see you later,” he said.

Not only Blue who spread the message of goodness in his family. Previously, the mother also appeared stunning in the One World: Together At Home concert. Before appearing, he thanked those who risked their lives in the vanguard.

“Tonight we celebrate the heroes, those who sacrifice to keep us all safe and sound,” Beyonce began.

Then Beyonce also thanked the medical staff, especially those who helped fight the corona COVID-19. Without his services, everyone cannot be healthy.

“To the doctors, nurses, and all other medical personnel who are far from our families, caring for us, we continue to pray for your safety,” he said.

Likewise, Beyonce gave encouragement to workers who still had to make a living amid the corona pandemic COVID-19. For example those who are involved in the culinary industry, shipping goods, postal officers, so that they continue to work so that everyone can stay safe at home.

“We thank you for your selfless service,” he concluded.

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