From available data, both nationally and globally, it is known that the young age group does have better endurance than the elderly. Even so, it does not mean that young people cannot be affected by Corona COVID-19.

“It can be affected and without symptoms,” said COVID-19 Handling Spokesperson in Indonesia, Achmad Yurianto, when giving a press statement at the BNPB Office, March 2020.

According to Yuri, this is one of the factors causing the rapid spread of Corona Virus in Indonesia, because healthy people are actually affected but without symptoms, but do not carry out isolation.

“This problem is fundamental so that the distribution is getting faster,” Yuri emphasized.

If these healthy young people pass on to older and vulnerable siblings, this will be a serious problem for their families.

Therefore, Yuri, reminded, although still feeling young and strong, still must pay attention that yourself can be a source of Corona Virus spread in the family.

Yuri did not get bored urging the public to obey the appeal given by the government for more at home.

“Obey properly and then as much as possible do not get out of the house. This is an important thing related to prevention,” said Yuri.


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