Reflexology is a natural and very relaxing, holistic therapy that works by stimulating reflex points on the feet and hands, which are believed to correspond with organs, systems and structures within the entire body.

Reflexologists believe that by stimulating the circulation and autonomic nervous system, Reflexology may help with the elimination of toxins, improve circulation and help to boost the immune system, restoring energy and balance.

By putting gentle pressure on the feet it brings about a state of deep relaxation, and sense of wellbeing encouraging the body’s own natural self-healing mechanism to ‘kick in’.

Who Can Reflexology Help?

Almost everyone can benefit from the effects of Reflexology! It is suitable for all ages – the reflexologist will adapt the treatment to suit the ‘client’ however young, old, frail, sick or nervous they may be. Although reflexology is normally practiced on the feet, it can be done on the hands if necessary, so there is no reason to miss out!

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Valerie Lowe MAR trained on an accredited course of this relaxing therapy, way back in 2001 and is a full Member of the Associaion of Reflexologists working in Ashford Kent.

ReflexologyThe ancient healing art of Reflexology

is depicted on the walls�of a 6th Dynasty Egyptian tomb as far back as c.2400bc.

The relief shown here depicts two men massaging hands and another couple working on the feet.

It is also believed that a practice pre-dating these pictures was used back as far as 3000bc in China.

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