Relaxation is necessary to rest the mind from everyday stress. You should be able to do everything that’s efficient to feel calm and relaxed.

We bring you easy ways and techniques that can help you relax.


Meditation can be great for relaxing, especially if you’re under stress every day. Scientists have proven that meditation helps to reduce the blood pressure and heart rate, and also enhances cognitive ability.

It is easily practiced. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax your muscles and focus on one thing only (breathing or picture you’ve imagined). It takes only 10 minutes to feel the benefits of meditation. The key is to stay focused and nothing to bother you. If you have more time, try yoga or Tai Chi, which are a combination of meditation and movement of the body.

Drink tea

Green tea is excellent for relaxation because it contains teanin, an amino acid that encourages relaxation. It contains caffeine, but experts believe that teanin reduces the harmful effects of caffeine. Therefore, drink green tea and avoid drinks with caffeine because it makes the stress worse.

Encourage the release of serotonin

Many of us crave for carbohydrates that we take through sweets, a variety of snacks and pastries. These foods can raise the level of serotonin in the body, the chemical substance that is being released in the brain, responsible for the good mood, calmness and relaxation. Be aware, these foods are rich in calories, so keep an eye on portions.

Listen music

Listening to your favorite music has a relaxing effect, it’s proven. The music regulates breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. It can also relax the muscles and the entire body. This is especially effective when you’re preparing for a busy day or you’re stuck in traffic jam.

Music therapy has proved effective for reducing anxiety also. One study found out that symptoms of anxiety (rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure) are significantly being reduced if patients before and during colonoscopy listen to music.

Aromatherapy massage

Massage is on of the best ways to relax. If you add essential oil of chamomile or lavender, the results will be even better. One study found out that only 15 minutes of massage significantly reduces stress. If you don’t have enough time or money, you can get massage at your home. Pay attention to the selection and application of essential oils because some types can cause allergic reactions.

Relaxation room

Many psychologists have a relaxation room where you sit before and during treatment, and advise that everyone should have one in their own homes. Relaxation room doesn’t have to be a separate room, but a little corner where you will make it as you want and where you can relax. It is important during the relaxation to forget all electronic devices.

Warm bath

Heat relaxes the muscles, and a warm bath will relax your mind also. Let your bath contains your favorite fragrances. Decorate your bathroom with flowers and saints, and enjoy.


Exercise will stimulate the release of endorphins and reduce the levels of stress. Scientists have proven that exercising for only 20 minutes shows significant benefits for the body and mind.

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